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Can I download this, what formats there are and do I need any permissions to use and distribute it? Or can I modify it myself?

NOTICE that this Internet service (HTML-pages, cgi-scripts, database) may not be copied or distributed without permission from the copyright owner. The copyright owner of this service is © Sami Kiesiläinen. The copyrights for images owns Paula Meuronen and she allows you to use and copy images ONLY if you mention their owner (© PA-ula). Modification of the images needs permission from the owner.

BUT the words of The Scouting Dictionary are free which means that you can copy them to your use and do anything you want, there is no way to prevent you from doing that. For example you can copy few or all languages to your camp book. You may also print pages from this service.

There are few things which we hope you follow:
  • If you modify the dictionary, please let us know what you have done, so we could implement the modification to this version too and everyone may benefit from it.
  • Please don't make modified version to your WWW-page, instead make a link. There is a real reason for this request: Nobody would benefit of that if there are several WWW-versions around world (this site shouldn't be so busy ;-) and most of them are outdated.
  • And other reason is that The Souting Dictionary uses CGI-scripts and database which cannot be copied. You have to rewrite them from scratch.
  • Always mention the URL of the dictionary (http://www.partio.net/dict/). If you have found this dictionary useful, why wouldn't you share it with others?
  • If you use this dictionary on camp-newspaper or something like that, please let us know. We are just curious.

These are the things we hope you would keep in mind. I would say that this is quite fair deal, isn't it?

Contact information is available on the Index of the Scouting Dictionary.

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