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Different things how Dictionary could be improved
Nobody can manage this kind of project alone. Here are some thoughts how to improve Scouting Dictionary, but which I am not able do. That's why this help needed-page exists. These are just my own thoughs, feel free to send your suggestions what could be added/improved.
Thank you. - Kazam

Contact information is on the Index-page.

There is own page for translators, please read it before translating as it makes (at least my) life much easier ;-).
More links to different sites
If you know good sites eg. about knots please let me know about it. My aim is to collect links about each subject because they can clear things sometimes much better than it is possible with the dictionary. See word "knot" as an example.

Links to local dictionaries
If your group has own dictionary for national use, or you know about this kind of dictionary, please let me know about it too. See the linkpage for details.

Sound files
If you have interest and equipment to record words from this dictionary into WWW-combatible files, please make a contact.

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