[The Scouting Dictionary - Scouting terms in different languages]

The Team
Term 'The Scouting Dictionary-team' is very difficult to define because there are tens of people who have been helping to develop this dictionary and I would count everyone who have pointed out a single error, or translated few words or languages to the team-members, if such thing exists. You can help us to develop more this dictionary, if you know languages/words which are missing please let us know. You can find more information about contacts on the index page.

The dictionary itself is maintained by Kazam (that's me) so feel free to send any ideas about dictionary.

Long time ago, when the Dictionary was much smaller than nowadays, there were some files to download. However, the Dictionary has grown so much that we gave up of maintaining the paper versions. If somebody knows good format for that, please let us know that too.

At the moment only way to download the dictionary is selecting all languages and using Save as..-option on your browser.

People to contact
At the moment it is best to contact directly to the maintainer of the Dictionary kazam (at) partio.net. When mailing to me please use english or finnish. Swedish is ok too. If you use other languages don't expect quick reply as I have to find translator first ;-)

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