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Ok, I admit, this page exist just for that my life would be a bit easier.. ;-) The meaning of this page is to provide some recommendations how to translate new languages or add/correct words to the dictionary. Please read this before sending mail, as mentioned above, it makes my life a bit easier. Thank you.

New language
english word1new language word1
english word2new language word2
When you translate new language please follow these guidelines. Always include also the corresponding english term, don't rely that those words are always in same order. The order of words in dictionary may change without any notice.

Be sure to read the next paragraph about special characters too!

Special characters
Many languages has some special characters which are not used in other languages. At the moment there is not reliable way to transfer them correctly via email (eg. รค can be shown in 5-6 different ways depending on system) so this is what you should do:
  • Replace all special characters with characters %,#,& and so on.
  • Include description of each characters, how they look like in your mail.

Of course the best way is to use HTML-codes if you know them.

Adding / correcting words
Because nobody is perfect, neither is this dictionary. If you find some missprints, missing words or totally wrong words please let me know about them. Please keep these in mind:
  • If your country has two or more associations with different terms, please try to pick term which is mostly understood. It may not be just the correct one but there is no way to include all terms with details to the dictionary. Sorry. All we can do is compromise.
  • This is valid also to other words. Please try to pick the word which is mostly understood. Like Mappa (italian) is better than carta geographica (I apology possible spelling errors) as Mappa is shorter and it is more general even it's meaning is more like 'treasure map'
  • The different terms and explanations can be added to "a word page" which will be available on this dictionary someday. Extract this additional information from the list of dictionary words.

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